Our savoir-faire

Transforming Menton lemons into gourmet creations!

For us, the Menton lemon is an endless source of inspiration for new, delicious ideas. Limoncello, marmalades, liqueurs, olive oil, macerated sugar cubes, pastis…The golden fruit lends itself to every metamorphosis, much to the pleasure of gourmets and award-winning chefs!


Creators of Limoncello de Menton®

It’s the most refreshing of liqueurs and exquisite when served with lemon sorbet! We’re proud to have created the Limoncello de Menton®, a liqueur which soaked up the quintessence of this sunny fruit for forty flavorful days before we bottled it. We also make a lime version and a Crème de Limoncello. What a treat!




Lemon marmalades for year-round sunshine!

Citrus marmalades are another of our specialties…especially Menton lemon marmalade, obviously, which is sheer delight with crepes or simply on toast with salt butter! And our bitter orange marmalade will always be a much-loved classic.




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