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Under the Menton sun,
in the land of the lemon... Au Pays du Citron.

Fabrice Et Sonia Puech

“Au Pays du Citron” is the story of a family and a personal passion for the Menton lemon. In their boutique and workshop in Menton’s downtown pedestrian shopping area, Sonia and Fabrice Puech transform the Menton lemon into gourmet creations using exquisite secret recipes handed down through the generations. They are the creators of “Limoncello de Menton®” and delight lemon lovers with their extraordinary Menton lemon marmalade, Menton lemon olive oil, “Canardises” macerated sugar cubes, babas, vodkas, and other liqueurs...all homemade with the sunny Menton lemon, naturally!


Le Citron de Menton… Un délice unique au monde !

It was surely the exceptionally mild Menton climate that led the luminary of lemons to choose this region as its own. In return, the golden fruit gives gourmets a unique tasteexperience: a fragrant pulp bursting with juice, a delicate bouquet, and, above all, a thick, sweet peel that can be eaten on its own with a knife, thrillingly tangy with a rich concentration of essential oils.

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